Preschool and Elementary Montessori in Concord, California

Children’s House (2 Years Old through Kindergarten)

In the Children’s House, our Montessori curriculum takes advantage of a child’s sensitive periods—those times when there is a readiness to learn a specific skill.


Junior Elementary (1st – 3rd Grade)

Beginning at around the age of six, children are ready to use their imaginations to explore their expanding world. We present lessons that strike their imaginations and compel the children to dig deeper for more information.


Advanced Elementary (4th – 6th Grade)

In the Advanced Elementary, we take advantage of the maturing child’s desire to sort out values and principles. Through discussion, research, and essays, students explore their own opinions and beliefs.


Child Care

The Concordia School is dedicated to helping your child discover the joy of learning.


"At the Concordia School, we join together to create a very special place: a place where children learn how to learn... learn how to live... and learn how to be accomplished in things of both the heart and the mind." --Jody Kresge, Concordia School founder.